open ballet class & studio rental at NAGOYA
Fujimura Kaori Ballet Studio

Ballet in NAGOYA


every SUNDAY from 12:00 - 13:30

Everyone who has experience can participate by only the lesson fee.There is no admission fee. The method is divided every day, and are mixed together.Open class covers the basic Russian ballet fundamentals from the traditional barre warm-up to exercises moving across the floor.Ideal for people who want to move their body while traveling, or who wants to receive guidance different from usual. It will be a valuable experience that you can interact with the Japanese through ballet and not enjoy it on normal trips.
You can also rent a dance studio.

conditions: 13 years old and up

open class


Fujimura Kaori
Kaori Fujimura


Kaori Fujimura learns classical ballet at Ochi International Ballet. In 2000, she studied at the St. Petersburg State Cultural Arts College Dance Department in Russia and studied classical ballet, ethnic dance and ballet history. After graduation she joined the National Opera and Ballet Theater of St. Petersburg Conservatory and appeared in numerous performances besides "Swan Lake" "Gisele" "Carmen" "Nutcracker" "Chopinia" "Dance Symphony" . After returning home, she established Kaori Fujimura Ballet Studio in 2004, and in 2011 opened STUDIO RUCALO with a ballet studio and music studio in Nagoya.

Mihoko Torii
Mihoko Torii


Mihoko Torii started ballet at the Ichioka Tsukimi Ballet Studio in 1973 and transferred to Ochi International Ballet in 1989. After that, she continued appearing in the performance presided over by her ballet company. She went to Ukraine National Kiev Ballet Company in 1992. She started teaching after leaving Ochi International Ballet in 1995. Besides teaching and choreography of classical ballet, she is a popular lecturer holding many courses as a body conditioner lecturer. She has many awards.

Hitomi Yokoi
Hitomi Yokoi


Hitomi Yokoi began dancing at the age of 4 and started assistant her ballet school at the age of 15. Performed on many scenes such as Japan Ballet Association, Nagoya City Ballet Company, World Design Expo, and other events. After studying abroad in the United States, she becomes an instructor.


inc. tax

  • Single class
  • 5-class card ※expire after 3 manths
  • 11-class card ※expire after 6 manths
  • Body conditioning(1lesson)
Cash Only
  • JPY 2,000
  • JPY 10,000
  • JPY 20,000
  • JPY 2,000

Studio Space for Rent

Best dance studio rental in Nagoya.

We have a dance studio at our center of Nagoya location that can be rented for a fee. Our studio have sprung floor, wall mounted mirrors, portable barres, sound systems, pianos and are well sound proofed. Plus free rooftop parking is available. Perfect for rehearsals, private classes, and more. Please check the availability of the studio and for more information by e-mail.

10 min from Nagoya station by car
JPN 2,500 / par hour
82.5 square metre
open every day from 10 to 24.
E-mail here
Please email for more information
// Call us: 81+52-485-5155 – E-mail us //


1-142,Namiki,Nakamura-ku,Nagoya,Aichi,Japan (Studio rucalo)